The importance of the world wide web

The world wide web is a really mysterious place. You can find all sorts of stuff like funny internet videos, make bogs, create your professional portfolio and more. Personally I spend most of my time watching youtube videos from different types of content creators and I would like to share some of them with you today.

This first person is called Davie504. He is a well known bassist who is obsessed with memes.

Secon person is Wintergatan, an engineer who has a passion for music and is building an instrument called the Marble machine.

Third and last person is Adam Neely, a professional musician that makes fun videos about music theory and other fun stuff.


Hello my friend, my name is Zaddiel but you can call me “Z”. Right now I’m making this post for the class INF 115. I’m an art and design student from the Sacred Heart University. The reason I created this site is to show you my designs and the creative process of making them. Hope you enjoy!!

I will now show you the trailer for the INF 115 class.

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